Alaska Wildlife Cruises – Katmai National Park  







5 or 8 Days Cruising Aboard the"Bear Necessity" 80ft Stardust Cruiser

Cruise aboard our deluxe 80 foot Stardust Cruiser and bring your friends and family


 Katmai Wildlife Cruises on Naknek Lake August 2008 having a relaxing night

Cruise and photograph wildlife where a land of brown bears and volcanoes merge into a true Alaska wilderness experience.  You will find no other small wildlife cruise  offering Alaska Brown bear viewing in all of Katmai Parks fresh water lakes.  Located on Naknek Lake our tours visit Brooks River Falls, Margot creek and surrounding unnamed coves and rivers where the largest concentration of brown bears and salmon congregate each summer without crowds.  With unlimited wildlife photography, fishing, kayaking and hiking all included our guests can be assured of a worldclass wildlife cruise in Katmai.  All meals, guided activites and safe and comfortable  lodging at our Safari style camps each night.   

Nose the bow of your chartered small ship right up to the beach at Brooks River Camp.   As seen on national TV, big bruins battle over territory atop river falls as salmon navigate upriver and attempt to jump over the waterfall. 

Clients spend the day viewing brown bears from the safe viewing platforms of Brooks River Falls or just relaxing on the top deck of the boat as bears comb the beach and swim in Naknek Lake. Set up your tripods, focus your digital cameras, bring extra film and batteries, because your going to need them on this top rated Bear Viewing small boat based excursion.  When Brooks Falls is busy during peak season we have the option of cruising down the lake to other locations where fishing and bear viewing opportunities continue without the crowds. Our guest's have the option to hike daily into small remote streams and creek mouths with a professional guide for even more exciting Bear encounters giving you the opportunity to photograph these magnificent animals in there wild habitat.

 Fresh grilled salmon after a long day of bear viewing

Alaska bear viewing along with a fresh Salmon grilled at night

    Our veteran Alaskan bear viewing guides will take you into the heart of Katmai National Park. Alaska Adventures offers many of our tours away from the tour groups, large camera crews, and park rangers directing bear viewing traffic. Viewing bears in their natural habitat is our specialty and passion.

Alaska Adventures bear viewing guides do not condone getting this close to bears or will they intentionally break any park rules although often times our vessell will be anchored up and the Bears will walk right up to us for great pictures such as above.

 Our Boat the Bear Necessity is your instrument which to explore the most untamed and wild places on earth. Here you will have the opportunity to view and photograph Alaska brown bears undisturbed. Our bear viewing specialists live inside Katmai National Park & Preserve where the brown bears superhighway is carved into the landscape and are ready to make your Alaska bear viewing tour surpass your wildest dreams. During our Alaska bear viewing tours you will have the chance to take world-class pictures and professional grade movies that will amaze all.

There is a natural pull that we feel, just like the bears, to the rivers and lakes of Alaska. Our Alaska nature and bear viewing tours appeal to those escaping and vacationing to a place ideal for the romantic individual exercising the art of nature photography and to others just wanting to pick up a little grace through these wonderful awakenings in nature.

7 Day/6 night Wilderness Bear Viewing Wildlife Cruise and Safari Camp . Sat-Fri  Naknek Lake-Brookes Falls  $4900pp
includes meals, safari camp lodging, 6 days guided bear viewing/photography all activities including brooks falls tours and Valley of 10,ooo smokes day tour unlimited fishing-kayaking

5 Day/4 night Wilderness Bear Viewing Wildlife Cruise and Safari  Camp Sat-Wed, Naknek lake- Brooks Falls $4200
includes all meals, safari camp lodging, 4 days guided bear viewing/photography and all guided activities brooks falls and valley of 10,000 smokes tour with unlimited fishing and kayaking included.

 Book the entire Katmai wildlife cruise on the"Bear Necessity" our 80 ft stardust cruiser Sat-Fri with all fully guided activities included unlimited Bear viewing, Photography, Cruising, Fishing or Hiking each day. Up to 6 guest's per week onboard for  $26,000 per week