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 Brooks River Falls Brown Bear Viewing in Katmai  Park Photo By Charles Summerville 08

Brooks Falls Bear Viewing

Brooks Falls is undoubtedly the #1 destination in the world for Bear viewing due to the easy access and consistent bear viewing during the summer. Although we do offer day trips to Brooks River Falls Alaska Adventure Bear viewing tours do not focus all there attention here as there are numerous other less known remote rivers and streams in the area that we focus on. Our tours focus on true wilderness experience and we do our best to take you deep into the back country of Katmai  Park with our experienced guides.   

Brooks falls bear viewing platforms are safe and easily accessible for all groups

Clients can spend the day viewing brown bears from the safe viewing platforms of Brooks River Falls or just relaxing on the top deck of the boat as bears comb the beach and swim in Naknek Lake near Brooks lodge. Set up your tripods, focus your digital cameras, bring extra film and batteries, because your going to need them on this top rated Bear Viewing small boat based excursion.  When Brooks Falls is busy during peak season you have the option of cruising down the lake to other locations away from Brooks lodge where fishing and bear viewing opportunities are usually greater.

Guest's that book a 5 or 7 day wildlife Bear viewing cruise have the option of spending 1 or 2 days at the Brooks River falls near brooks lodge. Clients have the option of adding on a $200 flight seeing tour that will fly them over the valley and Park before they return. 


2 mature Brown Bears below Brooks Falls at a standoff over the best salmon fishing Photo credits Ron Mayberry July 2008

Take one of the scenic hikes up Dumpling mountain as viewed from below, or take a short walk up to the falls and witness the salmon jumping the falls and bears feeding as they have for thousands of years.                       Brown Bear Sow and cub photo by John Hyde

 Wilderness Photo of Brooks River and surrounding Naknek lakes left and Brooks lakes right  Photo by Scott  Lazarowicz in Katmai Park August 2008




















Brown Bear sow with her cub on the beach of Naknek lake Photo by Ron Mayberry