Fully Outfitted Unguided X-Treme Trips

Map of Extreme Camp Locations
Click to enlarge Map of Extreme Camp Locations
    These discounted unguided camps or cabins are located in several prime locations depending on the time of year, jump off point, and outdoor activities desired. The camps offer 4 people per week access to world class nature photography, bear and wildlife viewing, fly fishing or spin fishing, and a myriad of outdoor activities that can include canoeing and Kayaking. These trips are designed to escape into the wilds of Alaska on a budget, and for travelers wanting discounted affordable rates.
    These trips work great for families and groups of old friends who just want to have a great trip to Alaska on a reasonable budget. If you´re looking for the best deal in Alaska for budget discount vacation travel then look no further. Whether transporting you to a forest service cabin on the back of Naknek Lake, or just setting up a camp on a natural sand beach across from Brooks River our travelers find the most affordable and valued vacation Alaska has to offer.
Click to enlarge Prehistoric
    The environment in these parts of Alaska has a prehistoric appearance and is nothing short of exhilarating. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Transporting you to some of the most remote and picturesque places in Alaska, let our 20 years of operation in Alaska guide you to these cheap yet exhilarating experiences.

Accommodations on Affordable X-Treme trips

Katmai National Park
Click to enlarge Katmai National Park
    The rustic wilderness camps are made up of 10'x 10' bomb shelter all-weather tents with floors, cots and air mattresses. Your camp will be very comfortable and include: kitchen tent, all the supplies and food for the week, and pit privy outhouse. NO whiners allowed, just hard core outdoor enthusiast looking for a great bargain in remote Alaska. This trip is for seasoned campers as you will have no help from the guides. At the end of the day you will throw a stick on the campfire, sit around in the kitchen tent or even stay over in a forest service cabin and gaze into the splendor that our Alaska X-Treme camps offer.

Included in X-TREME unguided Alaska fishing Camp from King Salmon Alaska:

  • Private Weatherproof tents, 2 guest's to a tent.
  • Portable electric bear fence unit around camp
  • All park certified bear proof food storage containers
  • Alaskan Bush meals daily with kitchen & dishes
  • Transportation to wilderness location/via boat-Airplane