Jetboat Fishing with Lodge in Background
Click to enlarge Jetboat Fishing with Lodge in Background

Bear Viewing Jet Boat Tours

    Alaska Adventures offers amazing Bear viewing tours via jet boat in the heart of Katmai National Park and Preserve. These tours offer clients the opportunity to be closer to what the Alaska wilds have to offer. Shooting up rivers and across placid lakes, bear viewers have the chance to stop and dictate how their day will go. We have the opportunity to offer bear viewers and nature enthusiasts’ customized trips throughout Katmai National Park at reasonable rates. By anchoring in lakes at the mouths of rivers and floating down rivers these boats offer clients the safety that one does not get when on land.

Fishing off the Jetboat
Fishing off the Jetboat

Lodge Based Jet Boat Tours

    Alaska Adventures has a full service bear viewing lodge on the banks of the wild and scenic Alagnak River in the heart of Katmai National Park. The lodge offers daily jet boat tours that guide bear viewers out on the river where bears follow salmon upriver, chase an occasional Moose calf, and feeding in the blueberry fields. During the Alagnak salmon runs, millions of fish enter the river systems and our jet boats take you where bears congregate to feed on these ocean run fish. Here we observe life and rebirth in its most pure and natural state. The physical domain of this country famous for volcanoes, brown bear, fish, and rugged wilderness, is the perfect place to view wildlife and take professional grade photography.


Hotel Based Jet Boat Tours

    Based out of King Salmon, our tours operate on Naknek Lake where we visit Brooks Falls and the surrounding areas in search of the wildest places on the earth via jet boat. The highest of concentration of brown bears in the world are located in Katmai National Park, and a large percentage of those are in this area which our tours visit. Whether it is a day trip to Brooks from King Salmon or multi-day expedition in the surrounding area, we give you the best chances to view these bears in their natural surroundings and habitat.

Katmai National Park
Click to enlarge Katmai National Park

Multi-Day Katmai Safari

    Load the Jet boats with camping gear, food, materials for a deluxe tent camp, and set out of King Salmon onto Naknek Lake for a 3, 5, or 7 day wilderness adventure. What people fail to know about Katmai National Park is that there is much more to offer beyond Brooks falls. Pulling away from the beach at Brooks after a day of bear viewing our custom boat will take you back to one of our favorite campsite locations. Picture yourself having drinks to the sun setting over the lake back in the Bay of Islands on the north east corner of Naknek Lake or on a natural sand beach with a fresh caught salmon cooking over and open fire in your private paradise. Visit famous Margot Creek 10 miles to the east of Brooks River, go trout fishing on Idavain Creek or catch a monster Pike near Savonoski Creek back in the Bay Of Islands.

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