Terese with an Example Of A Pack for Our Coustom Trips
Terese with an Example Of A Pack for Our Coustom Trips

Bear Viewing Packing List and What to Bring

  • During Alaska Adventures Day Trips clients will are required to carry their own day pack - so pack accordingly!

Day Trips What to Bing

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Plenty of Film
  3. Insect Repellent (Deet)
  4. Camera - Most people bring a camera with a 200-400mm telephoto lens
  5. Binoculars
  6. Winter hat and gloves
  7. Layer clothing
  8. Top and bottom Rain gear
  9. Day pack
  10. Bottle(s) of water to last the day
  11. Rubber boots
  12. Batteries (spare or fully charged)
  13. Extra Film / Memory Cards / Videotape
  14. Medications - enough for the trip plus two additional days supply
  15. Lip Balm - one that has an SPF rating
  16. Head net - just in case!
  17. Head net - just in case!
  18. Earplugs for the plane, or noisy hotels

What to Wear
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Multi-Day Trips

    In addition to the day trip items the following is Alaska Adventures recommend packing list for our lodge based and custom Multi Day Trips. Packing may vary depending on length of trip. Clothing & waders: 2 sets of polar fleece pants and shirts, 5 pair of light socks, 2 pair of heavy socks, 6 pair of underwear, 1 set sweats for pajamas a high quality rain jacket or parka ( Helly Hanson, Patagonia or Simms), 1 set of warm gloves and hat either wool or fleece, 1 pair camp shoes, small dry bag for storage and transport. (NO COTTON) 1 pair waders Gore-Tex or neoprene with wading belt, pliers and a hook file.

Optional Gear:

  • Collapsible hiking poles
  • One pair, synthetic liner socks
  • Small journal or notebook
  • Fanny pack - great for keeping small items handy
  • Day pack
  • Small watercolor set w/ paper

What Not To Bring

    Do not bring Bear spray, pepper spray or Bear mace (possession of any pepper spray/mace products on the aircraft or in the field with Alaska Adventures guides will cause the trip to be terminated immediately without refund). During flights pepper spray/mace containers may discharge without warning incapacitating the pilot thus placing the aircraft and all passengers in a deadly situation. Packed lunches; We require that all food within Park boundaries be stored in an approved bear proof container

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