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Wildlife Guides Katmai Park

The biggest question we get is will we be safe in bear country and how experienced are the guides. Well below are some of the top Brown Bear and all around adventures guides in Katmai led by 23 year veteran Katmai Pilot Guide  Charles Summerville and his staff of Professional Guides including          Capt Scott Lazarowicz and wife Sharon on the right who will be Captaining- and guiding aboard the "Bear Necessity" our 80 ft Stardust Cruiser specializing in  Katmai Wildlife cruises Bear Viewing and Photography in 2009.

Our other full time guides who will be very active this summer are  Capt Pat McIntyre a 7 year veteran Guide, along with Capt Justin Bleicher 5 year Katmai Guide.

  Our tours focus on true wilderness experience and we do our best to take you deep into the back country of Katmai  Park with our experienced guides.   

Orvis fly fishing guide-Owner Pilot guide Capt Charles summerville 22 year vetrean alaska fly fishing guide






 Pilot-Guide Capt Charles Summerville






 Guide-Capt Patrick Mcintyre





Guide Capt Justin Bleicher